Frequently Asked Questions

What is this?

It's a video game bounty board. You can create/share bounties for any video game and (eventually) contribute to the bounty. We're also working with communities and plan on running monthly events (starting in August) to bring attention to lesser known games.

Why are you doing this?

Speedrunning is a fun and challenging activity, but there is very little money in it. A lot of people are struggling financially and we're hoping to find ways we can help them out.

I also just like building things.

Who are you?

I'm a Toronto new media artist, currently employed as a consultant. If you'd like to view my credentials you can click here.

There's also a few people that help out behind the scenes, so if you're looking to help you can join our Discord.


What are the Additional Requirements?

You can tag a bounty with optional fields: specifying a platform, region, version, etc.. You can even make a bounty requirement something more niche: blindfold, specific input, seed.

The fields use a simple key:value system and will suggest other user's values as well. Down the line you'll be able to search or filter bounties based off these tags

What happens when I claim a bounty?

Once the claim has been verified you'll receive an email and we'll Paypal you the reward (or we can accomdate with a different service).

Can I contribute to a bounty reward?

There are some issues that I need to sort out before I can implement this feature but it is a high priority feature. In the mean time if you would like to contribute or sponsor a bounty please get in touch at

Why can't I delete my bounty?

To prevent any issues, once a user claims a bounty or users have contributed to one then it cannot be deleted.


Can my community apply?

If you're a community that speedruns a game (or games) and is looking for more competition reach out to us at or on Discord and we'll contribute and feature your bounties.

How do the Event Bounties work?

Event Bounties are created in colloboration with specific communities. They set a benchmark time for a game that they believe anyone can beat. If you beat that time and submit a video you are automatically entered in a raffle