Granny 3 cover
Granny 3
  • Released: 2021
  • Platforms: Android, PC (Microsoft Windows)
  • Developers: DVloper


FIND VERSION 1.0.2 FOR PC Hello gamers. Granny 3 for the PC was taken off of steam a while ago. Currently, I only have access to the latest version (1.1.2 or something). I have been looking for a while for the 1.0.2 version, since it has many more glitches and tricks available. If you have the 1.0.2 version, and are able to send it to me (diggitydingdong#3084) through some means so I can verify that it is the older version (and obviously run with it) then you'll receive the full bounty.

Bounty created on 04/09/2023 by diggitydingdong.


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