Runers cover
  • Released: 2014
  • Platforms: PC (Microsoft Windows)
  • Developers: LGK Games, Mastertronic


First person to complete Runers on Apocalypse Difficulty. Only runs from and after the 11th of November are accepted! Only runners from the IHS discord are eligible to win this bounty. Not part of the discord yet? Join via the link below! - Runs with a pre-made profile are allowed (check the Runers channel in the discord for the latest updated profile)! - A run must include the difficulty selection and the (start of the) end credits scene. - A run is completed when a player completes the 11th floor on the Apocalypse Difficulty! - Upload your unedited run to any video streaming service (preferably Youtube) and share it here! - No timer necessary.

Bounty created on 11/11/2022 by First Try I Swear.



Rune Infusion -> drop and pickup fire/mind runes -> exponential damage -> pop rooms with Global Current, clean up with Double Lightning. This was just a proof of concept run, can be optimized a ton, ideally most floors will look more like floor 10.

Claim submitted on 02/22/2023 by peaches


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