Heretic II cover
Heretic II
  • Released: 1998
  • Platforms: Amiga, Linux, Mac, PC (Microsoft Windows)
  • Developers: Activision, Hyperion Entertainment, Loki Software, MacPlay, Raven Software


Ending Reroute Glitch Prize: $100 Standard Route (31:30): New Route, ~2-3min timesave (49:30): With this new route, you can skip entering a couple levels by entering the last area, first. When you press the buttons in this last level to start the book closing cutscene, all of the previous books will be closed, which allows you to skip going to those levels. However, sometimes a single book will remain open (seen here ~1:00: If this book remains open you can not finish the run without going through all of the levels again and pressing every single button, essentially ending the run as soon as you see that book open. From my own testing, the trick feels very random, I do not know why only one book remains open sometimes. I am looking for help with figuring out why this book remains open, and for a consistent way to prevent it if possible. IHS:

Bounty created on 04/01/2023 by Mild Goth Daddy.


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